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About me


Hey there! Name's Timo and I'm the dude behind "reapshot Photography". I'm born and currently located in Baden-Württemberg (south Germany).

Sometime around 2016 I decided to get myself into photography. Pushing myself constantly to get better with this craft and having tons of fun doing so.

And there we already have it. The main reason, the quintessence: Having fun and enjoying this passion.

As you may have noticed, my work focuses around latex fashion - and fetish. Why ? Remeber that fun - thing ? Thats why :)

Most of the time I'm working with my long term partner, soulmate and model you may know as Maha Kali.

I'm (we are) also open to work with other models who share the same passion as we do on a TFP basis. Interested ? Don't hesitate and drop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Mail.



Studio, on location in - and outoor with focus on latex fashion and fetish. Working with state of the art equipment and running an own studio environment.

Editing and Retouch

I'm developing and optimizing each and everyone of my pictures. Respecting the model's wishes, I'm also doing basic retouch work.

TFP Shootings

Working with Models on TFP basis.

Video Production

Full High-Res video production including planning, recording, cutting and color grading.